Monday, August 1, 2011

Buying a Honda VLX steed chopper motorbike in Thailand


1 of the most common and most sought right after chopper bikes in Thailand is the Honda chopper VLX 400cc or 600cc. The standard requirement to buy any motorbike in Thailand from a foreigners stand point is a residency certificate obtained from a local immigration department or a letter from your embassy giving conformation of your address. Also the correct visa a category "" This is vital for the transfer of ownership and update of the green book or ( log book registration document )

Having the green book when purchasing of any bike in Thailand is incredibly imperative. A lot of bikes and in particular the Honda vlx chopper bikes are put together out of the plentiful second hand Japanese parts imported into Thailand. It is quite straight forward with some common knowledge of bikes to assemble from an assortment of parts and a chassis a complete working bike inside a short time.

Whilst the bike might appear good and be perfectly functional, as the bike is cobbled together with an assortment of parts it is entirely illegal in Thailand as no import duty on the complete bike has been paid. If you have noticed a Honda steed you like and are truly critical in your buy, irrespective of what the owner might say about its legitimacy. Insist that the bike is taken at the owners expense to a vehicle licence centre for verification of chassis and serial numbers. Even though this method is time consuming by the licence authorities and manual and personal computer record checks are created and also it can take upwards of 3 hours, it is effectively worth the trouble and peace of mind. As bikes can mysteriously seem from nowhere so can the green book and forgeries are not uncommon. If the owner is unwilling for this examination or promises that every little thing is in order and there is no will need for the examination then the purchaser should really be quite suspicious and at preferred should not invest in. You have been warned as on one occasion I was almost convinced that everything was in order and the bike in the end turned out to be a copy without the genuine green book.

This is very vital and in some ways even additional  than the mechanics of the bike itself which at the end of the day can be put proper. If the sellers asking cost is in the region of 60,000 baht then this is too low-priced and will turn out to be a copy bike ( created up of imported parts ). Anticipate to pay closer for a genuine total imported honda steed about 120,000 baht as a minimum this becoming for a chopper bike about 17 years old. Yes the Honda steed due to its popularity holds its value exceptionally nicely and can be sold at a later date irrespective of age for sums of capital in this region. You can of course obtain a slightly younger bike from a garage that will be a genuine import with the correct imported papers for about the similar sort of cost. Nonetheless the major disadvantage is it will not be plated ( no number plate). To obtain the quantity plate and register the imported bike with the total paperwork will cost an extra 80,000 baht.

Due care, diligence and research are the important issues here take time and you will get the bike you want but be prepared to travel and inspect as a number of as achievable.



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