Monday, August 1, 2011

End of the Line for the Pontiac Vibe


General Motors is planning to shut down its Pontiac brand, perhaps selling it off if the business has a alter of plans. As of right now, the world's former best selling automaker is struggling to survive and is getting given a second lease on life thanks to bankruptcy restructuring. If all goes according to strategy – and that is a major if – GM will emerge from bankruptcy with fewer brands, fewer models, but a alot more focused future, one that could aid the century old vehicle firm survive maybe thrive.

Say Excellent-Bye To Pontiac

Closing down Pontiac is possibly the most curious decision produced by GM over the past a number of months. Selling off Hummer makes sense – few individuals want these huge SUVs anymore – and locating a buyer for Saab is perfect given that GM never did the Swedish brand perfect over the years. Even selling off Saturn is okay, especially given that the organization really requirements to concentrate on bolstering Chevrolet, but killing Pontiac simply is a curious move.

Proper now, Pontiac is the third very best selling brand owned by GM. Most Pontiac models are sold under the exact same roof as Buick and GMC, two brands that the provider plans to preserve. Pontiac outsells Buick by nearly a three to 1 ratio too which indicates that Pontiac buyers will want to be steered to Buick or GMC, which isn't likely to happen.

Just One Model Remains

GM says that Pontiac will be wound down by the finish of 2010, but recent news is showing that either those plans are getting accelerated or that Pontiac will offer you no extra than 1 model in the coming months.

Just this past week GM announced that the Pontiac Vibe, a compact crossover based on the Toyota Matrix and built with Toyota at a jointly owned facility known as NUMMI in California, would be facing the ax. Not in 2010, not at the end of this year, but in August on the eve of the upcoming model year. This move means that GM will not have, at least temporarily, a stake in its joint venture with Toyota in the form of a model to sell. GM says that this will alter as it explores its selections going forward.

The Pontiac G6 Lives On

As far as the 1 Pontiac model that will on goes, that automobile will be the G6, a preferred of the rental automobile fleet. GM might possibly no longer have any interest in serving the Pontiac consumer, but its fleet customers will nonetheless have access to the G6, at least for 1 extra year.

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